NOTE: The Rejection Hotline and our 200+ other Humor Hotlines were unfortunately shut down in 2013. It was a great run (for our company, RH Brands) – 10+ years, 450 Million phone calls, and a successful business (summarized well in this AJC article). But some things changed in our industry, our revenue declined, and we made the tough decision to sell off the phone numbers and shut down the company in 2013. HOWEVER, we are now in the process of attempting a comeback!

Site Under Construction…

But the playlist below (and the phone numbers!) gives a sneak preview of some of the audio whatever coming soon!

Samples / Previews:

UPDATE: New REJECTION HOTLINE phone number: 605-475-6968


Back By Popular Demand, Our Best (Most-Called) Humor Hotlines of All-Time:

  • THE REJECTION HOTLINE: 605-475-6968
    (200+ Million Calls!)
  • Automated Sobriety Test: 605-475-6958
    (6 Million Calls!)
  • Bad Breath Notification: 605-475-6959
    (18 Million Calls!)
  • Divorce Hotline: 605-475-6960
    (4 Million Calls!)
  • Hogwarts Admissions Office: 605-475-6961
    (6 Million Calls!)

  • How to Entertain An Idiot: 605-475-6962
    (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Human Resources: 605-475-6963
    (5 Million Calls!)
  • It Could Always Suck More: 605-475-6964
    (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Jury Duty Prank: 605-475-6965
    (13 Million Calls!)
  • Outsource A Friendship to India: 605-475-6966
    (20+ Million Calls!)

  • Psychiatric Hotline: 605-475-6967
    (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Angry Santa: 605-475-6971
    (20+ Million Calls!)
  • Sex Addiction Intervention: 605-475-6972
    (14 Million Calls!)
  • Stop Complaining (ICASM 2): 605-475-6973
    (3 Million Calls!)

Site is Still Under Construction – so most links won't work yet)

All of the above from *Leapfrog With Unicorns, LLC

NOTE: “Leapfrog With Unicorns” is a reference to a line from the original Rejection Hotline script:
The following creatures are NOT unicorns, and that is NOT how to play leapfrog!

NOTE 3: If you like our stuff and want to say "Thank you", if you want to help fund our creation of new stuff, and/or if you take pity on us (because we make no money - and actually had losses of $62,000 last year!), donations of any/all sizes are greatly appreciated! #NotTooProudToBeg

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